Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For our present purpose it is enough to enumerate and give a brief description of the different parts of philosophy, as commonly done:

a. Logic: On correct inferential thinking and its principles.
b. Cosmology or Philosophy of Nature: On the material world, and the ultimate constituent principles of material beings.
c. Psychology: On living beings and the principle of life, on the nature of the vital operations and of the vital powers, and their classification.
d. Ethics: On human acts and their morality; the Natural Law governing them.
e. Social Philosophy: On the sociality of man, on the nature of human society and its principles.
f. Ontology or General Metaphysics: On beings in general, on the different reasons and principles of the reality of things.
g. Theodicy or Special Metaphysics: On the First Cause of Contingent Beings and of emergent reality.
h. Critics or Epistemology: On certain and true knowledge, and its principles.